Above all, collaborative attorneys focus on divorce with dignity.

Divorces are as varied and complex; temperaments, family and financial obligations, and the disposition of assets can combine to create overwhelming stress, fear and anxiety. Too often, the trauma created in certain divorces is accepted as inevitable when ending a marriage; as a collaboratively trained attorney Deb believes that it does not have to be this way.

Non-adversarial in nature, the goal of collaborative law is to minimize the conflict that is prevalent in so many traditional divorces. Instead of conflict, the collaboratively trained interdisciplinary team uses cooperation and communication to achieve a mutually satisfactory agreement. Instead of competing attorneys controlling the process, the divorcing couple determines both the process, the professionals, and the outcome.

Collaboratively trained attorneys are effective in nearly every area of Family Law from pre-nuptual, to issues of guardianship, domestic partnership issues, non-marital co-habitation agreements and divorce. If you would like to research Collaborative Law further, please visit the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group website.

If you are considering engaging in a collaborative divorce, Deb can lead you through the process.